Certificate in AutoCAD

In this course, participants will be introduced to the AutoCAD drawing environment and the necessary skills to begin creating and editing drawings.

No AutoCAD experience is necessary, but participants are expected to be comfortable opening, saving and closing files; moving, copying and deleting files; locating files in different folders and reading blueprints.

The focus of this course is to teach student how to use AutoCAD efficiently. This involves using accurate and efficient techniques to drawing and modifying basic shapes, mastering the properties and tools available in the model space such as: Drawing Units, Drafting Tools, Navigation Bar, Grid, Annotation and so on.

Advanced lessons will also be included in this course such as complex objects and editing methods as well as styles to manage text, dimensions and leaders. Additional text and dimension commands are presented. Techniques for using layouts and viewports to create multi-scale, multi-page designs are explored. Participants will create libraries of reusable shapes (blocks) and add changeable text (attributes) to the block.

Beside 2D Drafting and Annotation, participants in this course will also be introduced with the basic of 3D Modeling.
Exercises for the course are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including part design, facility layout, architectural drafting and schematics. Participants of this course will be assessed to determine their areas of interest and exercises are tailored to match the needs of the participant.

Certificate in AutoCAD
Course Information
  • Intake:Jan, March, June, Sept
  • Credit Hours:24 Hours
  • Duration:3 Weeks, 8 Lessons
  • Contact Person:088-235218

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