Conversational Korean

The Korean Training programme is specifically designed to assist participants to learn an additional popular foreign language. The main objective of this programme is to provide a greater career opportunity to participant as it increases employability within the globalised business nowadays. Being able to converse in another foreign language gives a person an edge over a monolingual people and knowledgeable in foreign languages also reflects education, good taste and refinement.

Course Structures
1. Speaking and listening skills: Basic conversation and short speech using topics relating to everyday life and one’s own interests; Understanding Basic Insa (greetings)
2. Reading skills
3. Writing skills using proper Korean grammar – Hangul (i.e. the Korean alphabet), vowels and consonants; Basic verbs; Polite informal verb endings

Entry Requirements
1. Malaysian
2. 18 years of age and above

Evenings: 6pm to 9.30pm
Weekend: (Sat – 1pm to 5pm) & (Sun – 9am to 3pm)

Fully Sponsored Benefits
1. Training Manual
2. Food and Drink
3. Certificate Of Attendance
4. NO Course Fee

Certificate of Attendance from Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology


Conversational Korean
Course Information
  • Duration:
  • 84 Hours
  • Contact Person:
  • 088-235218 or
  • 010 862 3683 (Ida)

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