Mandarin Language


Why learn another foreign language? The world is getting smaller and we are coming into contact with more non-English speakers. Being able to converse in other foreign language gives the participants an edge over monolingual people. Knowledgeable in many foreign languages reflects education, good taste and refinement, and it will certainly make the participants standout against the competition.

There are 3 Levels Offered

  • Level 1 : Beginner
  • Level 2 : Intermediate
  • Level 3 : Advance

Our Mandarin Language Lesson:

  • Taught by qualified and experienced NATIVE BILINGUAL instructors
  • The course focuses on the four basic modules of communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • The language could easily be learned by learners of all levels (students, business people, professionals, children, housewives, etc)


Mandarin Language
Course Information
  • Intake:7 weeks;14 lessons
  • Credit Hours:28 Hours
  • Contact Person:088-235218

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