AMC Orientation Aug 2017 Intake

AMC Orientation Aug 2017 Intake

AMC College recently organized its orientation day from 14th August to 16th August 2017. It was a 3-day programme to welcome the new students for the August 2017 intake. There were a total of 34 new students joining the programme. Lecturers and the Student Affair Officer were present to supervise all students throughout the programme.

On the first day of the orientation, the students were welcomed and briefed about the College and its academic disciplines. They were also introduced to the key facilities in the College as well as other important aspects of life at the College. Ms Colley, the Student Affair Office of AMC College briefed the students about the rules and regulations of the College and requested them to understand and abide by the College rules and norms. The Student Council Committee were also present throughout the orientation day to assist the freshers. They illuminated the freshers about the clubs available in college. All of them were extremely eager to sign up their desired club. Not to forget, Librarian of the College, Ms Connie, explained in detailed about the vast inventory of literature available at the library during the library briefing and got all the students to register their library membership. Mr Fariz was also in sight to aid with the photography session for the students’ card.

The committee and the students headed to Tg. Lipat, Likas at the second day of the orientation day. They were all gathered at Tg. Lipat as early as 8:30 a.m. The morning started with a light work-out and continued with lots of fun and exciting team-building activities. The students were split into several groups comprising of ten freshers each and supervised by at least two lecturers. The activities include Find the Shoes, Egg War, Wet Shirt Relay and Tissue Challenge. Afterward, the students returned to the College for lunch break and come back to the other fun activities planned for the second half which was held later in College. More relaxing yet challenging activities awaited all teams. The activities started at 2:00 p.m. with activities including Sudoku, Push Ups, Newspaper Tower and Balloon Cups among others.

The final day of the three-day orientation program commenced with a treasure hunt activity. The rest of the day continued with fun and dazzling finale of group performances from every team. All participants competing with great enthusiasm and determination. At around 3:00 p.m., the closing ceremony was graced by Madam DK Azimah, the HR Manager of AMC College and prizes were given away for all the winners. The Principal’s Award was also presented to those outstanding academic achievers.
All in all, the 3-day event was well-organized and it came to an end with joy and laughter.