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  • Testimonial
    Cindy Chin Yee Wei, Diploma in Accounting Student

    What is success to you?  True success is truly measured by what you have left when you go to the grave. For the living, the quest to succeed is an ongoing process. This is because, to me success means achieving the best results possible to my satisfaction. It also means having exploited my utmost potential so I can move on to the next level in life. Thank you, AMC College for RM4000 scholarship. I am very happy and really appreciate it! I was really glad to know that I was selected as one of the recipients of the college scholarship. This scholarship has given me such peace of mind because I don’t have to worry about paying for college anymore. I hope I will be able to pursue many amazing opportunities here in AMC College. Once again, thank you, AMC College!

  • Testimonial
    Su Haozhe, Diploma in Marketing

    The reasonable course fee and the location of the college attracted me to study in AMC College. My lecturers are good and nice, informative and helpful when giving lectures and guiding us on our assignment. My favourite lecturer will be Sir Masri. AMC College isn't just about study, the activities are also interesting which will keep students engaged and not to lose interest to attend classes. I like the part of my course when it comes to talking and debating about an issue, besides getting exposed to the public during events. AMC College is a good place for you to develop your skills, because there is not many students in the college, so the chance of you getting involve in an activity is high and you can learn a lot when you get yourselves involved. The more you do the more you learn from it.

  • Testimonial
    Thompson Chin Hin Thur, Diploma in Accounting

    I came to study in AMC College on my own will because my mother has studied here in the past. The lecturers are kind and amazing, all of them are too good to be chosen alone. The best of coming to study in AMC College is it is a private institution which provides good facility and conducive environment.
    I am interested in math, that is why I chose it. The specific feature I like about my course is that I've got to learn new things and I understand the lectures. The main reason is that the lecturers here are not strict and they can teach very well. Another reason is that AMC College has fixed rules which cannot be bent even by the lecturers.

  • Testimonial
    Donna Christen George, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate [MCSA]

    The training was very beneficial in increasing my knowledge and awareness of server 2012. Many key points from this course had proved helpful to my work. Our trainer was very knowledgeable in his explanation on all topics. He made the class very exciting and his teaching skills were excellent. Food provided was good. In addition, we also received training manuals and guidance for the external examinations. I would like to thank the Ministry for providing such great opportunity to the public.

  • Testimonial
    Ooi Kar Yean, ICT course – Database, MS Access Level 1

    I learnt a lot from the MS Access course as I have zero knowledge before joining the class. The lectures were very detailed and the trainer was committed and helpful when I encountered problems. The training helped improve my database management in my workplace. Information can be easily retrieved and reports can also be customized to suit the needs of my work.

  • Testimonial
    Efron Endie Madius, Diploma in Computer Networking

    The courses attracted me to study in AMC College. My lecturers are fun, easy to understand and approachable. The best thing about coming to study in AMC College is I get a lot of friends and get the opportunity to participate in college activities.
    I really like the course that I'm taking now because I can apply everything that I learn from and use it in my everyday life. I will tell my friends that AMC College can secure their future and has a great fun studies with a lot of activities conducted.

  • Testimonial
    Wong FuTien, Diploma in Business Administration

    The fees of the courses is what attracted me to study in AMC College. It is reasonable and acceptable. Most of my lecturers in AMC College are good. My favourite lecturer is Miss Elizabeth Lee Hsun Yee. I chose Miss Elizabeth because her teaching style is very detailed and she is full of passion. The features I like the most about AMC is the friendliness of the staff.
    I'm interested in Business so I wanted to know more and learn more about it. The reasonable courses fees and the politeness of the lecturers are the reasons why other students should study here.

  • Testimonial
    Timothy Chan Kin Soon, Diploma in Business Administration

    The location of AMC is very convenient for me and the courses fees is cheaper. My favourite lecturer is Mr Ozhair because he is very friendly and his lectures is very effective. What I like the most about AMC is the Library and the Student Admission & Affairs Department.
    The thing I like the most about my course is that we get to have special outings to certain places once in a while. The reasons to study in AMC is the flexibility of time and the lectures are easy to understand.