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Timothy Chan Kin Soon

Student, Diploma in Business Administration
“ The strategic location of AMC College is what attracted me to study here. In addition, the course fee is cheaper compared to other colleges. When asked about who my favourite lecturer is, I would say, Mr Ozhair, because he is very friendly and his lectures are very effective. I am now taking Diploma in Business Administration (DIBA) and what I like the most about my course is that, we get to have special outings to amazing places with stunning views once in a while. It’s fun because we get to spend time together with the other seniors and juniors and most importantly, it gives the opportunity to strengthen the bond of staff-students relationship. ”

Wong Fu Tien

Student, Diploma in Business Administration
“ The reasonable course fee attracted me to study in AMC College. The fee is well-affordable compared to other colleges. Besides, most of my lecturers in AMC College are good. My favourite lecturer is Miss Elizabeth Lee Hsun Yee. I chose Miss Elizabeth because her teaching style is very detailed and she is full of passion when teaching all the students in class. The feature that I like the most about AMC College is the friendliness of the staff. They are all very polite. I’m now taking Diploma in Business Administration (DIBA) because I am interested in Business and I want to learn more about business world. ”

Captain James O’Keefe

“I am a retired Airline Management Pilot and gearing up for a new career on the ground in Airline Management or Government Regulatory Authority. Most of these positions require Microsoft Office Suite and I knew nothing about Microsoft Excel. I decided to enrol in AMC College for a short course in Microsoft Excel.In 4 hours, AMC's IT Trainer, Ms Abby briefed me and we built a spread sheet with graphs and all the variants. I now regard myself fully competent with Microsoft Excel and will continue to practice and build so as to consolidate the teaching. I would like to complement AMC College on the Excellence of its very Modern Facility. The way the books are written and the high quality of tuition, and my complement does not end there. My teacher spoke in laymen's terms and was able to come down to my level to explain and build in spite of her vast knowledge and expertise. The art of a true teacher. She was also able to harness my curiosity and enthusiasm to complete the syllabus with maximum results.For what we accomplished I would have paid a lot more, but your fees are so reasonable. All your staff were very courteous and helpful.”Thank you so much AMC!

Efron Endie Madius

Student, Diploma in Computer Networking
“ The courses offered in AMC College has attracted me to study here. I am now one of the students in Diploma in Computer Networking (DCNW). I really like the course that I’m taking now because I can apply everything that I learn in class and use it in my everyday life. My lecturers are fun and approachable. Their lectures are also easy to understand. The best thing about coming to study in AMC College is I get a lot of friends and the opportunity to participate in various college activities. I hope I can tell my friends out there who are still looking for a place to continue their study that AMC College can secure their future. ”

Su Haozhe

Student, Diploma in Marketing
“ I am attracted to study in AMC College because of its reasonable course fee. Besides, the strategic location of the college would also be the contributing factor. My lecturers in AMC College are all good. They are very informative and helpful when they give lectures and very passionate in guiding us with our assignment. AMC College isn’t just a place for study. Here, they organized a lot of interesting and fun activities. These activities engage students’ active participation. This is the reason why students always interested to attend classes and join all extra co-curricular activities.My favourite part of the Marketing course was when I participated in a debate activity in class. We debated about an issue given by the lecturer. That was an awesome experience as it encouraged me to express myself. Apart from this, I loved the experience where I have got the opportunity to communicate with others in public events. All in all, AMC College is really a good place for students to pursue their studies as it also develops students’ skill set for a brighter future. ”


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