AMC College is governed by a team of highly experienced advisory board members with extensive industrial, academic and professional backgrounds.
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Eligible for AMC’s corporate partners and staff family members.

Awarded to students that have completed full diploma program at AMC.

Graduating students will be bonded on a 2-year employment contract.

Awarded to outstanding sportsman/ sportswoman at state or national level.

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Lee Chia Seng

Diploma in Marketing (April 2018), Student

“The main reason why I choose AMC College is because the affordable fee of it but good quality education system. When I first came here, I feel the atmosphere is great because all people here are friendly. The library here is fully renovated, the computers are fully equipped and they even have a student lounge. So far I am happy studying here because all the seniors are very kind and willing to help you whenever you have questions or problems. The lecturers here in AMC College are also patient with every student and their teachings are creative so that students will not be bored while studying. Besides that, there are a lot of activities during weekends too so that students can release stress and able to get to know each other more.”


John Lim Yun Vui

Diploma in Hotel Management (April 2018), Student

“The reason why I choose AMC College to further my studies is because of the reasonable course fee. The fee offered by AMC College is well-affordable. Besides that, the staffs and lecturers here are always friendly, helpful and polite. My favourite lecturer would be Ms. Kathleen because her teaching is fun and effective. I am currently taking the Diploma in Hotel Management (DIHM) program because I am interested in the hotel industry. I am very interested with the Diploma in Hotel Management program because I find the hospitality industry is very interesting and I can learn more about the industry through this program, and at the same time I can explore different cultures from different countries as well.”


Vanessa Angel Chai

Diploma in Accounting (January 2018), International Student (Indonesia)

“Before I came to Malaysia, I had doubts about the life of the studying environment at AMC College, especially the communication there because I am only familiar with Indonesian language and my daily life over at Indonesia. After a few months of studying at AMC College, I have learned many things such as, how to be discipline with my own studies, how to communicate effectively and be proper with my words. Other than that, there are differences of the learning environment and syllabus here with what I learned before back at Indonesia, but the lecturers here are very patient and professional in guiding me. Through AMC College also I was able to know and learn about various cultures, nations and I also manage learn some languages I did not learn all this time. I also learned many things that I have never been able to do in Indonesia, both academically and socially. Studying as an international student and spending time studying with local students at AMC College is an important and enjoyable part of my experience. Although sometimes there are barriers to communicate between students, but that’s not a problem for me because everyone here are very kind and friendly. To able in furthering studies here in Malaysia is one of my dreams and AMC College made it happen for me.”


Ceaserino Cryselee

Diploma in Business Administration (April 2018), Student

” I am always interested with anything related with Business since I was a little, so I decided to take Diploma in Business Administration after my SPM at AMC College. For me personally, taking Diploma in Business Administration at AMC College is not a regret. This is because, it is so comfortable to study here. AMC College is full of wonderful, friendly lecturers and students like our seniors are very helpful. In addition, the teaching skills of the lecturers are professional and easy for students to understand the lesson.  Moreover, there are a lot of outings organised as well which makes students excited to attend lessons. Lastly, I’m confident that courses here is a good choice to continue our studies for our future.”


Pavanjit Singh

Diploma in Accounting (April 2018), Student

” I was attracted to study at AMC College because the fees for the courses provided is affordable. Besides that, the location of this college is very strategic. Also, it is easier for me to reach on time for my classes as it is nearer to my home. Currently, I am taking Diploma in Accounting (DIA) because I am interested in accounting subject and I want to gain more knowledge about the accounting sector. My lecturers here in AMC College are kind and humble. They are very helpful whenever I have difficulties to understand the lesson or have questions with the assignments given. Other than that, AMC College is not only a place for studying because there are a lot of interesting and fun activities that the college always organise. This activities also engages motivation on student’s to be active not just academically but also in extra co-curricular activities. Apart from this, I love the experience where I got the opportunity to communicate with others in public through participating all the activities that was held. All in all, AMC College is the right choice for me personally to pursue my studies as it helps me to develop my skills to have a brighter future in the accounting sector. I hope that more students will be interested to further their studies here in AMC College.”

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