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Sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation Sabah

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ICT Courses

Participants can now easily acquire the ICT skill and knowledge they require to advance their capabilities be it for work, study or even personal objectives. Upskill and revamp today by selecting from over 100 ICT courses covering a wide range of subjects on offer.

Professional IT Certification

Get certified with a globally recognized Professional IT Certification. Equipping yourself with a professional qualification in IT will establish your credibility, increase your earning potential and boost your work efficiency. Choose from a range of qualifications awarded by industry-leading bodies.


Whether it is for work, study or personal development, language and communication skills are important. Ranging from basic proficiency to more advanced usage, participants can expect to attain skills in the core areas of grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Choose from either English, Mandarin, Korean or Japanese and Increase your language proficiency today in the foreign language of your choice.