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Writing Effective English for Digital Marketing

Writing Effective English for Digital Marketing is aimed at developing an awareness of language use and the relevant practical skills necessary in digital marketing. There is particular emphasis on the appropriate vocabulary and writing skills needed to be engaging, efficient and effective when targeting online audiences.

Participants will learn the fundamental principles of writing and cover topics that help to better understand how best to promote products and services through various digital media. This course provides the trainee with practical guidance on writing for social media, blogging, email, and websites. Trainees will have the chance to perform individual writing practice as well as collaborative writing exercises. Learning is further enhanced through group activities, feedback, and discussions.

Course Content
• Writing Rules
    – Understanding proper grammar and usage
    – Using correct and appropriate vocabulary
    – Avoiding clichés
    – Identifying some common mistakes marketers make

• Writing for Digital Marketing Platforms
    – Identifying the various writing styles for digital marketing
    – Understanding market trends
    – Identifying your target audience
    – Knowing the ideal length for blog posts, Facebook posts and other marketing content

• Writing for Social Media
    – Writing social media with humour, strong voice and tight writing
    – The effective use of hashtags
    – Writing Facebook posts
    – Writing for WhatsApp

• Writing for Other Online Marketing Channels
    – Writing a great headline
    – Writing for email marketing
    – Writing better blog posts
    – Writing a landing page

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