Lo (third right) exchanging the MoU with Foo, while Senior Manager Ginny Wong (second right), Student Relations Department Head, Bonny Lin (far right), SME Sabah Secretary General Lie Chun Vui (second left) and Director of Members Affairs, Deledda Tan look on.

KOTA KINABALU: AMC College has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SME Association of Sabah (SME Sabah) for mutual cooperation in the field of education and training and corporate discount schemes.

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) business operations and sustainability.

However, the prolonged pandemic challenges have pushed many SMEs to change their conventional way of doing business in order to stay competitive.

AMC College and its sister companies owned by the MK Group have been resilient towards the pandemic challenges by adapting the digital technology in their business. operations.

Recently, AMC College is leveraging on the MK Group mobile app to extend their Datuk Chu Kok Keng scholarship to the local SMEs community.

On Monday, AMC College, represented by the Chief Executive Bryan Lo, signed the MoU with SME Sabah, represented by Founding President Foo Ngee Kee for mutual cooperation in the field of education and training and corporate discount schemes.

The collaboration partnership between AMC College and SME Sabah during the pandemic shows that SMEs can still conduct their business if they are willing to apply digital technology to overcome the physical distancing restriction.

Under the MoU, all of SME Sabah’s members, their staff and their immediate family members can join MyMK app with free membership which in turn enables them access to all MK Group of companies’ services through a mobile phone.

Among the main benefits of using MyMK app by the SME members are – can browse through various products and services without visiting AMC College and MK Group of companies’ physical outlets; can apply for scholarship within 72 hours response; booking rooms and order food from Grandis Hotel & Resorts with a few touches; update discount rates offered by other MK Group of companies namely Ming Kiang and Eaton’s Bookstore (Centre Point Sabah), Dunco (IT) Sdn Bhd and Borneo Chiropractic at Likas Square.

According to Lo, one of the main objectives of AMC College for collaborating with SME Sabah is to make its affordable and quality education accessible for the SME community.

During the pandemic period, he said many school leavers have difficulties to travel out of Sabah to pursue their tertiary education.

Hence, AMC College which offers all levels of tertiary qualifications and comes with scholarship support would help ease the said problems.

For those who aspire to pursue a United Kingdom degree, AMC College is offering a 3+0 Leeds Beckett University degree major both in Accounting and Finance and Business and Management. All this information can be checked through MyMK app.

On behalf of SME Sabah, Foo thanked MK Group for the various special offers to their members together with their staff and their family members.

During this pandemic time, he said both SMEs and their staff have been impacted by a severe loss of income.

“The Datuk Chu Kok Keng scholarship will be very welcomed by the members and their staff for their children to apply and if successful, will lighten their financial burden.”

Foo said SME Sabah has always been supportive of the Government’s digitalization programmes in helping the SMEs to transform their businesses into e-commerce by using online channels to stay competitive and to enlarge their market access.

He said SME Sabah has been informing its members of the various technical and financial assistance provided by the government.

Both Lo and Foo agreed that the collaborative partnership between AMC College and SME Sabah will not only benefit both parties but also set an example for SME Sabah members and other small and medium business establishments to adopt digital technology application in their business to face the prolonged pandemic challenges.

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